Watch: Adunni Ade’s Date Gone Bad

Have you ever been on a date and thought this guy is the one only to be disappointed later on?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s a familiar feeling for many Nigerian ladies. So much so that Nigerian vlogger Adduni Ade (full name: Adduni Adewale) has done a skit called “Date Gone Bad”.

The video has literally gone viral, having more than 150,000 views!

In Date Gone Bad, Adunni turns up to a date in Lagos with a dashing young man (played by actor, Joseph Jaiyeoba). The date goes smoothly and Adduni seems almost swept away by her date.

But then, predictably, the date starts to go pear shaped. Adunni’s date takes a phone call and disrespects Adunni, speaking in Yoruba under the mistaken impression that Adduni does not understand.

Big mistake. Adunni understands Yoruba perfectly and explodes in anger saying:

“Jesus! Is it because of the rice you gave me and the garnish that comes with it? Do I look like a pot of soup? It’s me you want to use? It’s me you want to use dry to the bone? ….Do I look like bush meat, hide or cow leg? Idiot of the highest order. Get out of here you lunatic”

In case you’re not familiar with Adunni, she is an actress born in Queens, New York to an American mother and a Nigerian father.

Adunni has featured in number of Nollywood films including “Iwo Tabi Emi” and “It’s her day”. All of this is quite an accomplishment for a mother of two small boys, who only moved to Nigeria back in November 2013.

This isn’t the only Nigerian vlogger we have featured her on NigeriaSHARE – feel free to check out this piece on Eman Kellam’s video “Pranking My African Dad”.

How would you have reacted to such behaviour on a date? We want to hear from all those Nigerian single ladies who have suffered similar (or worse?) fates on dates.

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