How To Transfer Data on Etisalat Nigeria

Welcome to our honest and quick guide on how to transfer data on Etisalat. 

This guide deals with how to transfer your balance on Etisalat between one Etisalat account in Nigeria to another Nigeria.

Let’s get started by asking whether you are eligible to do a balance transfer on Etisalat.

How To Transfer Data on Etisalat Nigeria

#1 Who Is Eligible To Do a Balance Transfer in Etisalat?

In order to send balance to another person’s Etisalat account, there are three basic requirements that you need to meet:

  1. You must first have a registered Etisalat sim card and working mobile phone.
  2. You can transfer data only if you have a data plan of between 200MB to 27.5GBIf you don’t have a data plan or your data plan is less than 200MB, you won’t be able to make a balance transfer.
  3. You need to have available no less than 100 MB of data available on your data plan (i.e. if you’ve used up all your available data watching cat videos on YouTube, there will be no data left over to transfer to your friends and family).

Maybe these requirements sound obvious.

But there’s no point trying to transfer data on Etisalat if you don’t meet the minimum requirements!

By the way, speaking of Etislat, we did a piece on this LOL viral video produced by Etisalat, called “Can You Hear Me Now?”.

Anyway, I’m digressing.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to transfer data on Etisalat, whether the transfer is to your friends or family members.

#2 How To Transfer Data on Etisalat Nigeria?

In order to transfer your balance to a friend or family member, you should type the following on your mobile phone (using the Etisalat sim card of course…):

*229*PIN*Amount of Data*Etisalat Number#

I can hear what you’re thinking: what the hell does that mean?

Let’s break it down into four simple components:

  • *229 – this is Etislat’s standard number for indicating a data transfer
  • *PIN* – this is your own unique pin number
  • *Amount of Data – this is the amount of data you want to transfer (for example, if you want to transfer 50MB, you simply type “*50”
  • *Etisalat Number# – this is the number of the person who you want to receive the data

So, an example of what you would type is:


I understand that once the above steps are taken, the data transfer should happen immediately.

#3 Restrictions on Transferring Data on Etisalat Nigeria

By now, you know how to transfer data on Etisalat.

Just keep in mind that there are some restrictions on the amount of data that you can transfer.

Firstly, you can only transfer between 10MB and 50MB in any one single transaction.

Secondly, the maximum data that you can transfer in one day is 250MB.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to transfer your balance in Etisalat. Please comment below if you’ve had any technical problems with transferring your balance.

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