Watch: Top Nigerian Vlogger Pranks His African Dad

Have you ever thought about pulling the ultimate prank on your Dad? Well, Nigerian vlogger, Eman Kellam, has taken dad pranks to the next extreme in this viral video called Pranking My African Dad.

The scene opens with Eman telling his Nigerian dad that he needs to have a serious chat. He then tells his Dad as follows:

“You know Anabelle?…You know that day that she came over and you guys went out?…She kind of just texted me and she’s pregnant Dad”

Of course, the story is made up. But Eman’s dad reacts in a seriously hilarious way, which you can watch yourselves on the video….

No wonder this video has gone viral, having been viewed more than four million times.

Eman Kellam (real name Emmanuel Olajide Olaniyan) is British citizen of Nigerian origin. Eman has a YouTube channel called “EmansBlogs” and must be one of the top Nigerian vloggers around.

This Pranking My African Dad video was the one that kickstarted Eman’s career and has been discussed on the video platform, WorldStarHip Hop as well as the entertainment magazine, Bossip.

But Eman has gone on to create other popular video series such as “British Slang With” where he asks US actors to guess the meaning of slang words used by British youth. Celebrity guests on “British Slang With” have included Dave Franco and Tye Sheridan.

If you are looking for other Nigerian vloggers, check out this stupendous video by Toke Makinwa. 

Do you agree with us that Eman is one of the top Nigerian vloggers around today? Please comment below and let us know your thoughts. 

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