Top 5 Must Know Facts About Orijin Bitters

Launched in 2013, Orijin Bitters is the newest and fastest growing bitters drink on offer in the Nigerian market. Check out our ESSENTIAL guide below to this tasty tipple. We ask whether there are any health benefits or side effects associated with Orijin Bitters and most importantly how you can get your hands on a bottle. 

1. Made Locally 

Orijin Bitters is made by Guinness Nigeria Plc which is owned by the multinational drinks company Diageo. Keep in mind though that the drink is made locally here in Nigeria. It even says as much on the label! This of course means that the drink is made by folk here in Nigeria which we feel is an absolute must for any drink claiming African heritage.

2. Bitter Sweet 

Perhaps you have tasted Alomo Bitters which has dominated the Nigerian market for bitters during the past few years. While Alomo Bitters has a really bitter taste (as you might imagine!), Orijin Bitters aims to differentiate itself from the competition by having a taste which is a little bit sweet as well as bitter. We understand that the ingredients of the drink include neutral spirits, sugar, citric acids, trisodium citrate, caramel extracts, naartire, chamomile, thyme, cinnamon and orange.

3. What are the Health Benefits?

Keep in mind that Orijin Bitters is a very strong alcoholic drink, with an ABV of 30%, so remember to drink in moderation. While its manufacturer does not hold it out as having any particular health benefits, the drink does contain chamomile and thyme. Both of these herbs have significant health benefits. In fact, Chamomile has been used for millennia to cure stomach pains and anxiety.

But does Orijin Bitters have any side effects? It goes without saying that you will end up with a hangover if you drink too much of Orijin Bitters given its very high ABV! However, the fact that Orijin is made by a well known and respected multinational company gives us more confidence that the drink will not have the same side effects that some of its competitors in this space have been accused of.

4. The Nitty Gritty 

Orijin Bitters is available in both a 20cl and 75cl bottle. The 20cl and 75cl bottles cost around the 400 Naira and 1400 Naira respectively. You can find Orijin Bitters in shops across all the major cities in Nigeria as well as online via Konga.

5. The Sister Product 

The manafacturer has also released a sister product “Orijin” which comes in at a lower ABV of 6%. This herbal drink is available in a 33cl can or a 33cl or 60cl bottle and is described by the manufacturer as a “bittersweet blend with flavours of african herbs and fruits”. We have heard some criticism that the new Orijin herbal drink is extremely sweet and full of sugar. Maybe that’s true. However, it’s difficult to argue with the pace at which Orijin has become popular here in Nigeria. The drink was even endorsed by comedian Seyi Law in a video which quickly went viral on YouTube.

Final Thought: Making a Chapman cocktail at home for a special occasion? Try replacing Angostura Bitters with Orijin Bitters for a twist on the traditional recipe. 

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