Top 5 Fast Food Options in Nigeria

Fast Food Nigeria Domino's

Fast food in Nigeria is taking off like never before. Home grown chains have sprung up all over the country offering traditional Nigerian food. Meanwhile, international players such as Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s have arrived in the country or are planning to do so soon. In this piece below we take a look at the best options for fast food around the country starting with our top choice, Mr Bigg’s. 

1. Mr Bigg’s

With over 160 franchised restaurants in Nigeria and 57 alone in Lagos, Mr Bigg’s is…erm…pretty damn big. In fact, Mr Bigg’s red and yellow branded eateries are becoming part of the furniture in Nigeria’s largest cities. The chain is perhaps best known for its meat pie dishes and claims that it has sold over 600 million since business started back in 1973! Their customers are clearly sold as Mr Bigg’s Facebook page has over 20,000 likes.

2. Sweet Sensation

Have you got a sweet tooth? If so, look no further than Sweet Sensation. Kehinde Kamson, founder of Sweet Sensation, set up the company after quiting her job as an accountant and pursuing her love of cooking and baking. Several years on, Sweet Senseation is one of Nigeria’s premier fast food joints with 28 locations around the country. The chain serves up the usual Nigerian food along with western food such as hotdogs, chips, burgers and pasta. What we love though are the deserts ranging from jam doughnuts to “sweetheart bread”. For those looking for culinary inspiration, Kehinde has also written a book called “Pots, Pans and Spoons” which is highly recommended and available in all good bookstores.

3. Tastee Fried Chicken

Tastee Fried Chicken was set up by Nigerian entrepenur Olayinka Pamela Adedayo who was inspired by the success of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Adedayo’s Tastee Fried Chicken may not have KFC’s colonel but we still think it’s “finger licking good”. On offer here is a huge range of chicken including crispy chicken, charcolite chicken, tender roast chicken, barbeque chicken and chicken kebab. If chicken isn’t your thing, then there’s plenty of other Nigerian classics available at Tastee Fried Chicken including jollof rice and yamrita. The company currently has 12 branches, all of which are in Lagos. However, Tastee Fried Chicken has started opening up restaurants in Oando petrol stations which means Nigerians across the country will soon be able to sample some of the finest chicken to be had anywhere in West Africa.

4. Mama Cass

Nigerian food has gone international thanks to Mama Cass’ larger than life owner Charis Onabowale. Mama Cass, the traditional Nigerian fast-food chain, has opened overseas with its first branch serving London’s Nigerian expat community in Burnt Oak and by clicking here you can see Charis being interviewed by CNN on the booming Nigerian fast-food industry. In Nigeria, Mama Cass has a range of outlets in Lagos, Edo, Ogun and Abuja with seven restaurants in Lagos alone. The chain serves every sort of Nigerian classic dish you can think of ranging from Nigerian fried rice with plantain and meat to Edikangkong soup with pounded yam.

5. Domino’s Pizza 

It’s taken some time but at long last major international fast food chains are opening up shop in Nigeria. One of the best options in our humble opinion is the American pizza chain Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza has over ten thousand franchised outlets around the world and three of them are based in Lagos, at Victoria Island, Ikeja and Lekki 1. What is so great about Domino’s is that they’ve taken great care to cater to local tastes. Two of its pizzas come with Suya spice (the Chicken Suya and Beef Suya) and jollof rice can be added as a topping on any pizza of your choosing. For a simpler option, there’s of course the classic Margarita, Chicken Supreme and Hot Pepperoni pizzas. Buon appetito!!!

Did you know? Fast food is estimated to contribute an enormous 200 billion Naira to the Nigerian economy each year. 


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