Toke Makinwa’s 5 Tips for Naija Girls on Getting Hitched

Girls – have you been wondering when Mr. Right is going to turn up and sweep you off your feet? Nigeria’s number one vlogger, Toke Makinwa, thinks it’s about time you start taking proactive steps to make it happen.

In this clip which has received over 100,000 views on YouTube, Toke gives five tips on how to get married “Naija style”. So what are these tips? In short, Toke’s tips are as follows:

  1. Make a choice between your career and social life. If you want to find a man, try and focus on the latter.
  2. Toke suggests you should want to bag a god-fearing man and that you should aim to go to as many churches as you can.
  3. Stop hanging around with your single friends. Instead, go out with your married friends whose husbands will be able to set you up with their single friends.
  4. Go to weddings! Yes, it may seem obvious but Toke says that weddings are great hunting grounds if you’re on the prowl for a husband.
  5. Dress like you’re already married. That means, ditch the make up and go for the all natural look.

In Toke’s own words, she says as follows:

“If you want to marry you can’t hang around with your single friends. You can’t be hanging out with girls whose agenda is to go clubbing on a Friday night…You have to befriend your friends who are already married so that their husbands who might have single friends…can hook you up”

Toke clearly knows her stuff. After all, she married her long term boyfriend Maje Ayida in January 2014. However, one thing Toke didn’t mention in her clip was online dating which offers a great opportunity to meet Nigerian guys. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out our article on the Top 5 Free Dating Sites in Nigeria.

What do you think about Toke’s top 5 tips for getting hitched? Has it worked for you? Whether you’re single or married, please comment below and let us know about your attempts to find Mr. Right in Nigeria. 

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