KongaPay: How To Register and Sign Up

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Have you heard about KongaPay?

KongaPay is a payment scheme that allows you to make payment on Konga, Nigeria’s premier e-commerce store, and other online stores available to Nigerians.

This article provides an easy step-by-step guide to registering and signing up for KongaPay.

Before we explain how to register and sign up to KongaPay, here are five amazing facts that you might not know about the new payment scheme:

# 1 KongaPay is Safe. KongaPay requires use of the bank verification number (BVN) that uniquely identifies Nigerians and ensures safety in the banking system. According to KongaPay:

“No debit can occur on your account without you first authorising it with the KongaPay PIN and verification code sent by your bank to your phone or email. It’s like having two keys on the door to your account” 

# 2 KongaPay is Free. KongaPay is free and no commission is charged on transactions made via KongaPay.

# 3 KongaPay is Guaranteed. Items purchased via KongaPay are 100% guaranteed. This means that KongaPay will replace the goods you purchased or provide a refund if the goods are damaged, do not arrive or do not match the description on the Internet.

# 4 KongaPay is NOT a wallet. Unlike PayPal and other online wallets, you don’t need to “fund” your wallet. Rather, there’s a seamless connection between your bank account and KongaPay.

# 5 KongaPay is Easy. The beauty of KongaPay is that you don’t need to enter your bank details each time you make a purchase online. That’s because KongaPay only ask for your bank details once, at sign-up.

Are you convinced yet? Want to sign up to register and sign up to KongaPay? Here’s your guide to the process…

How To Register and Sign Up for KongaPay

Step 1: Obtain a Bank Account

KongaPay requires users to have a bank account with one of the following banks:

Citi Bank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Eco Bank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, GT Bank, Heritage Bank, Jaiz Bank, Keystone Bank, Skye Bank, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Sterling Bank, UBA, Union Bank, Unity Bank, Wema Bank and Zenith Bank.

If you already have a bank account with one of these banks, you’re ready to sign up to KongaPay.

Step 2: Enter KongaPay Registration Page

KongaPay_Sign Up

The KongaPay Registration Page for the iPhone App

You can register for KongaPay via the KongaPay website or by downloading the app either from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Once you enter the website or app, click on the sign-up button and follow the following instructions:

  1. Select your bank
  2. Enter your first and last name
  3. Enter your bank account number
  4. Enter your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Perhaps you’re wondering: what is my Bank Verification Number (BVN) and how do I retrieve it?

The Central Bank of Nigeria introduced the BVN in February 2014. The goal of the BVN is to uniquely verify each Nigerian citizen using biometric details in order to reduce fraud within the Nigerian banking system.

In order to retrieve your BVN, you should dial *565*0# from your mobile phone. But keep in mind that this will only work if you dial from the mobile phone that is registered to your bank account.

Step 3: Continue The Registration Process

After you have entered the above details, you will reach the next screen of the registration process. You will be asked to do as follows:

  1. Enter your phone number
  2. Enter your date of birth
  3. Choose a four-digit pin

You will need this four-digit pin each time you sign in to KongaPay so choose four numbers that are memorable.

Step 4: Check Your Mobile Phone

At this point, we recommend that you check your mobile phone.

KongaPay should have sent you a 5-digit code (called a “verification code”) that you will need for the next stage of the process.

Step 5: Complete the KongaPay Registration Process

Enter the 5-digit “verification code” received on your mobile phone into the space provided by KongaPay. This completes the registration process!

How To Login To KongaPay

Once you have registered for KongaPay, you will need the following two details to sign up. It’s that easy!

  1. Your Mobile Phone Number.
  2. Pin Code. This is the 4-digit pin code that you selected at registration.

If you have forgotten your pin code, you can email KongaPay who will provide you with instructions on how to reset your pin.

Have you used KongaPay for online payments? Have you had any issues? Do you think KongaPay is safe? Please comment below and let us know your comments.  

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