How To Check Data Balance on Glo

How_To_Check_Data_Balance_On_GloIf you’re anything like me, your mobile data gets used up quickly.

No wonder then that we’re often asked by Glo users: how to check data balance on Glo? what is the code to check Glo data balance? how to check Glo account balance?

The aim of this article is to help you check your data balance on Glo. Let’s make a start by asking whether it’s possible to check your data balance with Glo online.

Can You Check Data Balance on Glo Online?

If you visit Glo’s website, Glo claims that it has an online portal for checking account balances:

“We also provide a self care data management portal, the High Speed Internet (HSI) portal where you can view your data usage, share data, buy data and gift data”

The problem is that the link to the portal doesn’t work. We checked in with Glo who told us that the portal is in development and is currently unavailable.

You’re probably wondering how then it is possible to check your data balance on Glo.

How To Check Glo Account Balance?

There are three different ways that you can check your Glo account balance as follows:

#1 – Dial *777# from your device

The first option is to dial the above number, select 2, 2 again and then 3 to confirm your remaining Glo account balance. The beauty of this method is that it works for whichever device you have, whether it is a Blackberry, IoS or Android.

#2 – Send an SMS 

The second option is to send an SMS. If you have an Android phone, then text the word “info” to 127. Blackberry users can text the word “status” to 777.

The documents which came with your phone should have instructions on how to check data balance on Glo, including the exact number to SMS in order to find out your Glo account balance.

#3 – Send a USSD Code

The third option is to send a USSD Code. You’re probably thinking: what on earth is a USSD Code? In simple terms, this is very similar to an SMS but is a quicker and more efficient way of communicating with your network provider (i.e. Glo).

All you need to do is to send the relevant code. The USSD code will vary between packages and devices. One example might be: *127*0#. However, you should check with Glo to establish the code to check your Glo data balance.

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Did you manage to check your Glo credit balance? Please write to us below if you’re having any problems and we’ll do our best to help.


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