How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Nigeria?

If you’re reading this post, either you or a loved one has likely got engaged. Congratulations!

But let’s not beat around the bush. You’re here to learn how much does a wedding cost in Nigeria?


In order to work out the cost of a wedding in Nigeria, you’ll need to draw up a sample budget (tip: we have included a 2 million Naira sample budget at the bottom of this post).

Planning a wedding in Nigeria involves a lot of different costs.

There are the wedding rings, a cake, gown, photographer, planner and so on…

In this guide, we’re going to look at some of these costs and give you some red hot tips on how to keep tabs on the expense of your big day.

Let’s start with perhaps the most important of all costs.

The wedding ring. After all, the wedding ring is the first thing you’re likely to buy as you prepare a traditional wedding in Nigeria. It is also a symbol of eternal love that will stay with you and your partner for life…

Cost #1: Wedding Ring

One of the first questions our readers like to ask is: how much does a wedding ring cost in Nigeria?

The cost of a wedding ring in Nigeria will depend on the metal that you chose.

The traditional choice of metal is yellow gold or white gold. Gold wedding rings in Nigeria come with different karats (i.e. a measure of the purity of gold).

Couples usually choose 9k or 18k gold rings and these can cost anywhere between NGN50,000 and NGN150,000.

This is expensive but if you want a more affordable wedding, you can choose a silver ring. A set of silver rings in Nigeria can cost anywhere between NGN5,000 and NGN30,000, depending on the style, weight and finish of the ring.

Cost #2: Wedding Gown

Every Nigerian bride wants the perfect gown.

But how much does a wedding gown cost in Nigeria?

Nowadays, you can find a wedding dress for as little as NGN8,000. In fact, Jumia advertised a wedding dress (Ethina Short Dress Bustier with Sequin) for just under this price earlier this year.

Of course, dresses can cost much more. Much much more.

The cost of a wedding dress depends on the type and amount of fabric as well as the quality of the sewing. If you are looking for a traditional Nigerian wedding dress, check out our guide to the latest lace styles in Nigeria.

The rule of thumb is that brides spend between NGN50,000 and NGN75,000. But you can find yourself a less expensive dress if you are willing to rent, rather than buy, a dress.

If you don’t feel comfortable buying a dress online, then one excellent wedding dress shop in Lagos is Hadassah Bridals.

Cost #3: Wedding Cake

Cost of a Wedding Cake in Nigeria

Wedding Cakes: A costly affair in Nigeria

No wedding is complete without a wedding cake.

But how much does a wedding cake cost in Nigeria at the moment?

Well, a basic wedding cake in Nigeria should cost around NGN75,000.

Perhaps though you want your names on the cake? Or maybe you would like the cake to match the colour scheme of the wedding?

If that’s the case, then it’s going to cost a lot more. Really fancy wedding cakes in Nigeria can cost up to NGN200,000.

If you are based in Lagos, check out Cakes and Cream, which do truly stupendous wedding cakes. We wrote about this brilliant bakery in our piece on the 5 best things to do in Lagos this weekend.

What this boils down to is you can expect to spend anywhere between NGN100,000 and NGN150,000 for an average wedding cake in Nigeria.

Cost #4: Wedding Photographer

There’s little point in spending all this money on a wedding if you don’t have the photos to look back in years to come.

That is why choosing the right wedding photographer is key.

But how much does a wedding photographer cost in Nigeria?

Don’t expect to spend any less than NGN75,000 on a wedding photographer. Prices can be as high as NGN300,000. It all depends on the photographer’s experience and the services he or she is providing.

You should think about whether you want just photos or also a video. Perhaps you also want a pre-wedding photo shoot. These are all important considerations.

GazMadu and Klala studios have good reputations in Lagos. It should go without saying but you should meet with prospective photographers and carefully look at past photos they’ve taken.

Cost #5: Wedding Planner

If all the wedding planning is becoming a headache, then there is another option.

Hire a wedding planner.

BellaNaija has provided an excellent list of recommended Nigerian wedding planners.

I guess you might be wondering how much a wedding planner in Nigeria costs?

That’s not a simple question.

Quite simply, there’s no standard rate. Some wedding planners charge a fixed fee whereas others charge a percentage commission on any purchases they make on your behalf.

We have spoken with a few Nigerian wedding planners about this. The general consensus is that you should expect to be charged between NGN70,000 and NGN100,000 for a professional wedding planner.

Two Million Naira Wedding Sample Budget

 See below for an average one million Naira sample budget for your Nigerian wedding.

  1. Rings – NGN200,000
  2. Gown – NGN120,000
  3. Cake – NGN200,000
  4. Photographer – NGN300,000
  5. Planner – NGN180,000
  6. Food and Drinks – NGN350,000
  7. Venue Hire – NGN300,000
  8. Decoration – NGN50,000
  9. Music – NGN300,000
  10. Total – NGN2,000,000

Conclusion – How Much Does A Wedding Cost in Nigeria? 

We hope this piece has helped you answer the question: how much does a wedding cost in Nigeria.

Our two million Naira wedding sample budget (see above) shows that it is possible to do a low-key wedding in Nigeria.

The UK’s Guardian suggests that the average Nigerian wedding costs between two and three million Naira.

If you are looking to spend more money on your wedding, the sky really is the limit. The same article suggests that some Nigerians spend fifty million Naira on their wedding. Now, that’s a lot of money…

How much are you planning your Nigerian wedding to cost? One million Naira or more? Please comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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