Hillarious! Tatafo is Delivered Jim Lyke Style

Jim Lyke is one of Nollywood’s most famous actors having acted in hundreds of films including Last Flight to Abuja and even the Hollywood film And Then There Was You. Over the years, Jim has been seen as a little bit of a bad boy. It therefore came as a surprise when he was “delivered” at the Synagogue Church of All Nations by the Nigerian Pastor TB Johnson. The evil spirit which was supposedly within him confessed that it was the reason that he had not succeeded in marrying.

Only a few months passed and comedians AY and Helen Paul (aka Tatafo) released this viral video in which they mocked Jim Lyke’s deliverance. The clip was shared so much that it was the second most watched video on YouTube in Nigeria during 2014.

Jim Lyke didn’t find the funny side of the clip sending an angry tweet to AY as follows: “@AY COMEDIAN. Peo cross lines sometimes 4 relevance. It disappoints even more if it comes frm peo u deemed to have self respect. #Classless”. 

Perhaps AY and Helen Paul shouldn’t have been so cynical. For years, Nigerian ladies have been asking themselves: is Jim Lyke married? However, they need ask no more. Not long after the evil spirit was excised from him on 21 March 2014 Jim took the plunge and became engaged to the Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari.

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